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We Take Ontario Companies Public...

Go Public With An IPO (Initial Public Offering) or RTO (Reverse Take-Over)
You Need Help Taking Your Company Public.

Expertise, Experience and Resources are what we guarantee to deliver...

Taking a company public can be a very confusing, daunting and expensive endevour... but not with us by your side.

Key To Succes Is Developing An Appropriate Plan.

Just a few of the questions we can help you develop the right answers for are:
     Do you know what your options are?
     Do you have a reasonable understanding of the costs both before and after the transaction?
     Would an IPO or an RTO be the better option for your company?
     Where would you like to list?... TSX, NYSE, AMEX? Tier 1, 2 or other?
     Do you have the appropriate capital to complete and build on this transaction?

We can We source public shells (CPC’s and defunct listings) and help qualify them as appropriate for your needs.

We have relationships with Legal Council, Transfer Agents and Audit firms - all of which are all needed to expedite you through the “Going Public” process.

Let us help you with a successful public offering.

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