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Management Buyouts
As the owner or senior management of a successful business, you need expertise to help you facilitate a management buyout.

Let us provide you with the Know-How, Experience and Resources required to do it quickly & efficiently.

Often times companies mature without the owners thinking about a liquidity strategy or a transition plan as they look to retire or reduce their involvement in the company.

Many companies have relied on the investment of a number of shareholders or partners to achieve their growth and success and now those investors/partners want some type of liquidity.

If you are existing management considering a Management Buyout or an Owner looking to sell or create liquidity you need experienced professional help to ensure you get the most value out of the process.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

"As the General Manager offered the opportunity to purchase the company, Root Capital's expertise and guidance in the transaction was invaluable to me. Their access to both traditional and non traditional sources of capital and structuring advice allowed me to chose from numerous options available to complete the MBO.
As the now Owner of the company I can fully recommend Root Capital to any other potential acquirers who need both capital and structuring help to see a transaction through to its successful completion."

Dan Schottlander
Pegasus Direct Mail Worx Inc.

First Step - Develop A Liquidity Strategy.

At Root we have helped several companies implement strategies such as :
     Taking the company public,
     Structuring Vendor Take Backs (VTB's),
     Structuring partner & management buyouts,
     Buying a company with little or no money down,
     Arranging financing for private management buyouts, and,
     Raising capital for unrelated managers to buy out an existing company.

Whatever your need we can help by working with you on the appropriate strategy or plan and by facilitating the capital needed to execute it.

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Did You Know?...

Baby boomers soon will be driving business sales

...We are now in the initial stages of what is expected to be the greatest wave of business transition in...history.

...Baby boomers represent the largest single sustained growth of population in...history -- and this generation started and grew hundreds of thousands of successful privately held businesses.

...For business sellers, there is a potential downside to the expected course of events over the next several years: The vastly increased supply of small-and medium-sized businesses available might lead to a glut of companies for sale. This would eventually drive down valuations and give new leverage to buyers.

...And to compound the problem for sellers, there is evidence that the supply-demand implications of millions of businesses coming onto the market are not being factored into the exit planning of owners.


The best advice I could ever give to the owner of a middle-market company is this: Plan for the sale of your business from the day you start it. Most business owners exit their business with less than six months of advanced planning, consequently receiving a mere 50 percent to 70 percent of the business as potential value.

Appropriate planning, well in advance of a transaction, will allow a business owner to maximize company performance.

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