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You Need To Raise Money For Your Company.

Expertise, Experience and Resources are what we guarantee to deliver...

     Hands-on assistance,
     Vital contacts, and
     Much more.

While it is certainly true that a good venture capitalist provides much more than cash, we know that the primary reason you’re approaching us is to get the money you need to grow your business.

The Money Is The Simple Part.

We can have cheques cut very quickly when the right opportunity comes along.

But most of the value we bring to a company goes far beyond writing a cheque. When you work with us, you benefit from our experience and knowledge and our network of industry contacts.

Traditional Bank financing often is dominated by inflexible lenders with rigid credit criteria. It is neither timely nor sufficient for many businesses dynamic business needs.

 Root Capital can help introduce you to various forms of alternative financing such as:
     Traditional Equity (Private Placements)
     Debt financing
     Mezzanine financing
     Asset based lending
     and other creative financing strategies

Let us help you source the capital you need.

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